We are a practice of skilled, innovative and professional engineers.  We offer a wide range of design services to the built environment with a long standing commitment to providing engineering excellence.

We remain focused on what is important.  We embrace new technologies and through our expertise, enthusiasm and ingenuity provide inspiring solutions from the simplest to the most complex of engineering problems.

Since formation, the practice has steadily grown and evolved.  We have an excellent blend of staff encompassing a broad base of experience and know how.

We exercise our services with honesty and integrity; this underpins how we work.


``Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler``

Engineering is about understanding how things work and how these principals can be used in the context of the design as a whole. Codes of practice often form the framework for compliance but they do not define our way of thinking or how we do things.

By working closely with our clients who embrace a culture of change, we have played our part in delivering some outstanding projects.

Sometimes the best solution requires complex design and sometimes the best solutions are simple and efficient, delivered quickly without fuss.

Innovation and energy are our focus, but it is underpinned with honesty and integrity. Feedback from our clients is that they like working with us. We share our ideas, understand our part in the process and are receptive to new challenges.

We are employed to solve problems. Through our learning culture, employing the best people and supporting them with training and the tools to do the job, we do it very well.