Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is everywhere you look, everything has been engineered in some shape or form and not just within the construction industry.

About Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is often an afterthought within industry resulting in compromise, however with our continued support throughout the project it does not have to be. Our Structural Engineering team have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them across a variety of different sectors including; industrial, residential, heritage and arts. Our team of engineers and technicians focus on understanding the architects vision and developing a solution without compromising the core project aims.

We use this knowledge and experience to deliver safe, efficient and sustainable design solutions to all projects without compromising the client requirements. We understand that all projects are bespoke and we reciprocate this in our design process, this starts by listening and understanding the individual requirements of the project. Our knowledge of various different construction methods, health and safety requirements and the importance of design integration; we play a key role delivering a wide range projects, no matter how large or small they may be.

Service list

Pre Planning

Pre-aquisition surveys
Structural assessments / design for change of use
Conceptual structural design
Preliminary structural assessments

Post Planning

Substruture design i.e. foundations, piling and retaining walls
Superstructure design i.e. timber, concrete, load bearing masonry and steel frames
Investigation and repair of building defects
Bespoke design for new, existing and historic buildings
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Advanced 3D modelling techniques
Party wall services
Temporary works design i.e. hoarding, signage, crane mat, pile mat, specialist piling and propping
Specialist advice and support