Geo-Environmental Engineering

The greatest risk to most developments tend to lie within the ground. With the re-use of brownfield land more common than ever it has become increasingly important to assess sites with respect to geotechnical and environmental risks that may influence its development.

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About Geo-Environmental Engineering

Our specialist Geotechnical and Environmental team offer a wide range of services to our clients such as; desk top studies, coal mining risk assessments, site investigations and slope stability assessments. The ability to work alongside our in-house civil and structural teams, means that we can provide a holistic view ensuring our solutions are both practical and appropriate for the development at hand.

Our team of engineers have developed a wide-range of skills, knowledge and experience across a range of development sectors. It has become more important than ever to understand the impact we as a society have made on what was at one time virgin land, and how this can affect its future use and development. We are passionate about ensuring development sites are safe, sustainable and economic for use.

Service List

Pre Planning

  • Phase 1: Desk Top Study (DTS) / Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) reports
  • Site Investigation Services / Phase 2: Intrusive investigation reports
  • Geo-Environmental / Geotechnical assessment and appraisals
  • Hazardous ground gas and groundwater monitoring / assessments
  • Phase 3: Remedation strategy reports
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA)

Post Planning

  • Phase 4: Remediation Validation / Verification reports
  • Geotechnical engineering design
  • Slope stability analysis and design
  • Ground Improvement design
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) classification
  • Specialist advice and support