Civil Engineering

Society is built on well-functioning and often unseen infrastructure within the environment we find ourselves in. Our approach to civil engineering aims to ensure that infrastructure is designed safe to build and maintain whilst remaining efficient.

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About Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is utilised in all areas of the industry, where changes to the environment cannot be avoided. Our Civil Engineering team have developed a wide range of experience, knowledge and skill across a variety of different sectors including; infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential. Our team of engineers and technicians have helped deliver projects ranging in scale from national infrastructure and urban development, right through to bespoke residential properties and extensions.

We use this knowledge and experience to deliver the most appropriate and effective solution for all projects to suit the client and end user requirements. We understand that all projects are individual and consider this when providing effective and efficient design solutions whilst remaining safe to build and maintain. We have the practical understanding of what is achievable and how it can be delivered through construction, to deliver the project brief. Through our commitment and dedication we can provide specialist advice and support throughout your development.

Service List

Pre Planning

  • Engineering feasability appraisals
  • Flood Risk Assesment (FRA) reports
  • Drainage Strategy (DS) Reports
  • Foul and surface water drainage design
  • Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) design
  • Highways design
  • Swept path analysis
  • Earthworks modelling
  • Street lighting design
  • Existing and proposed utility assessments

Post Planning

  • Flood allevation schemes
  • Watercourse associated structure design such as; Debris trash screen and Fish passes
  • Adoptable highways and drainage design
  • External works design
  • Earthworks assessments
  • Specialist advice and support